NetBSD 8.0发布:稳定性改进 数百个bug修复

发表于:2023-02-03 作者:安全数据网编辑
编辑最后更新 2023年02月03日,­NetBSD 8.0 发布了,NetBSD 是一个免费的、安全的及高度可移植的开源 UNIX 操作系统,它适合于很多种平台,从 64 位的 AlphaServers 及桌面系统到手持及嵌入式系统。它

­  NetBSD 8.0 发布了,NetBSD 是一个免费的、安全的及高度可移植的开源 UNIX 操作系统,它适合于很多种平台,从 64 位的 AlphaServers 及桌面系统到手持及嵌入式系统。它在设计上非常整洁,并拥有先进的特性,这使得它在业界和学术界都有口皆碑。用户可通过完整的源代码来获得支持。很多应用程序都可容易地从 NetBSD Packages Collection 获得。

­  此次更新带来了稳定性改进、数百个 bug 修复和许多新功能,主要内容包括:

­  USB stack rework, USB3 support added.

­  In-kernel audio mixer (audio_system(9)).

­  Reproducible builds (MKREPRO, see mk.conf(5)).

­  Full userland debug information (MKDEBUG, see mk.conf(5)) available. While most install media do not come with them (for size reasons), the debug and xdebug sets can be downloaded and extracted as needed later. They provide full symbol information for all base system and X binaries and libraries and allow better error reporting and (userland) crash analysis.

­  PaX MPROTECT (W^X) memory protection enforced by default on some architectures with fine-grained memory protection and suitable ELF formats: i386, amd64, evbarm, landisk, pmax.

­  PaX ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) enabled by default on: i386, amd64, evbarm, landisk, pmax, sparc64.

­  Position independent executables by default for userland on: i386, amd64, arm, m68k, mips, sh3, sparc64.

­  A new socket layer can(4) has been added for communication of devices on a CAN bus.

­  A special pseudo interface ipsecif(4) for route-based VPNs has been added.

­  Parts of the network stack have been made MP-safe. The kernel option NET_MPSAFE is required to enable this.

­  Hardening of the network stack in general.

­  Various WAPBL (the NetBSD file system "log" option) stability and performance improvements.

­  详情见发布公告。

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